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ACUÉRDATE DE MI short film

Los actores de una compañía teatral profesional reciben la petición de un centro de la tercera edad para representar su obra en la residencia de ancianos, pero rechazan la solicitud.

Miguel, el vendedor en taquilla cerca de jubilarse, decide convencer a Carmen, la atrecista, a Ángel, el técnico de luz y sonido y Alicia, la camarera, para interprear ellos mismos la obra de teatro a los ancianos en su residencia, sabiendo que si les descubren, serán despedidos.

En el intento, Carmen aprenderá a ser egoísta con su tiempo, Ángel a no serlo tanto, Alicia a valorar su familia y Miguel a no tenerle miedo a envejecer.


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INVADERS short film

INVADERS, brings to real life a videogame that uses stickers of the android from Space Invaders, stuck in signposts in the streets, to play through a phone app. Prince of Persia is a woman who plays at night in the city streets accomplishing missions, fighting using martial arts and struggles to save her life, whilst preserving her identity so that her double life doesn't jeopardize her daily conventional routine.


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Poster Invaders.jpg
feature film

A woman suffers from a bad experience she can't forget, she witnessed the suicide of an Indian boy who worked at a clothing factory during her volunteering  days in India.

She tries to contact the CEO of the clothing company but is ignored many times. She seeks revenge, planning a heist during a private poker game for millionaires that the CEO will be attending, and puts together a team of a great poker player with Asperger's Syndrome and a hacker.


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Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 11.32.34.png
After a Happy Ending
short film

Relationships are like coffee; some are long, short, romantic, one night stands, fake...

A monologue conversation with the audience during a take away cup of coffee about relationships and living in the moment that has a starting point when the protagonist wakes up after sleeping with her lover and feels it's the end of their story. Moreover, it's a critic of romantic comedy genres in film.


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Without Score
short film

A street musician is surprised by the visit of a teenage brief romance he had six years ago and questions if it's best to live with or without a plan.


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